Soap Holder of Clarity

An idea turned into reality

Hey! First of all, I would like to thank you for spending time with me to throw theories around. In this new world of certainty and absolution, we have seemed to loose our connection with our inner dreamer. Are you a dreamer? If you have landed here, you absolutely are! What you see above, is an idea that was spurred by a few inspirational people. As with any new beginning, this was how the story went.

For the past five years, I can feel something was off. I’m unaware if it was just the times we live in, age, or possibly just mental status. However this feeling came to be, it was defiantly clear that it was urgent. Not so entirely urgent that I had not done much about it, until now. What exactly will drive us to a point, to not accept the status quo? I had almost a sudden realization of clarity. It was always there as a building block, but you never realize all of the hints that are given. Not fully. In one such scenario, I was at my “day job” and I had a sudden clarifying moment…

“If this is it… this ain’t going to work for me.”

Funny enough, I had just heard a song by NF the rapper that he had a pretty much identical thought. As you are aware, this goes to cement the real truth. We all have the same thoughts. How we deal with this, is what really matters. We go around and try to disprove each other. Bring each other down. My wife(whom is one of the greatest Artists I know) would always say that we need to help support each other. Speaking in terms of creative input. Creative individuals. I would always agree, however ideas are just that, thought processes. Action will trump all. Motivation is where action really lives.

With that one clarifying thought, Sparks Inspired was born. I’m glad you’re here with me to hear the theories from a fellow maker. Whatever the medium, skill, or discipline, we all have a place here to make a difference. So let’s get at it.

As was mentioned, it really was a combined effort. Myself, my wife Jenna, and an incredibly talented soap maker Tierra.

Gypsy Fae Creations. You can find their amazing creations at that location. They also showcase how these treasures are made on youtube!

My wife Jenna Sparks can be found at those locations. If you truly want to loose yourself in amazement, you’d like to check her style out.

If you would like to own one of the above showcased soap holders, you can find them here.

My name is Joe, and I hope you stick around and we can peel back some layers on our subconscious together.

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