Cleaver of understanding

When I stumbled upon this ancient bog oak, that covers the handle on this little guy, I could feel the blood pulsate through my fingertips on the mouse. Sweat starting to form at the brow, I couldn’t fathom that an ordinary mortal such as myself could possibly purchase this artifact. What we have here, is wood that is so old it has potential magical properties of it’s own. At an age of between 4,000- 6,000 years old, it has more than likely seen kingdoms rise and fall.

I knew that it had to be used in a special manner. What other manner could be more special than to encourage others to follow their passion? This cleaver not only represents passion, but it is now also imbued with centuries of knowledge. Hope? Will?Determination? In the murky waters of the bog where the oak had laid in wait, it soaked in everything that surrounded it. It heard the joy, laughter, fears, tears,cries, triumphs, pleas, compromises, of the people that surrounded it. Most importantly however, it heard the exchange of ideas. It also felt and heard the natural occurrences around it. Soaking in the sound from the many species that came and went around it. Actually old enough to hear the dire wolves howl in the distance.

Beyond my obsession with this wood, it has a deeper meaning. What it truly represents is understanding. Understanding within what the boundaries, of your capabilities, should mean to you.

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